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From homeowners to industrial users, Pacer Pumps serves a wide variety of markets and applications:


We offer bilge pumps, pumps for deck and net wash-down, pumps for fire protection and pumps for use in refrigerating chillers. Our hydraulic driven pumps are well equipped for the marine marketplace.


Pacer Pumps are well suited for transferring water, fertilizer and most other agricultural chemicals. Their most popular uses are for irrigation, transfer, spraying, feeding of livestock and for use on nurse tanks - as well as for emergency aeration in the aquaculture industry.


Our pumps are used to keep construction worksites dry, for dewatering, dust control and many other uses. Pacer Pumps are also used to service swimming pools, de-ice parking lots and airport runways, and distribute water from water delivery service trucks.


Pacer's corrosive-resistant pumps can dispense, transfer or re-circulate a variety of acids, caustics and many solvents. They can be utilized for plating baths, cooling/heating baths and heat exchange. Many of Pacer's different pump series provide a high range of chemical resistance.